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「I can still make things right...!」

The extreme parts of his heart, he will show you them all.


Birthday: 4.14


Blood Type: O


Hometown: Houston, Texas, USA


Likes: Shoegaze, Indie, Experimental, Folk, Alt.Idol, Dansei Idol, and Noise music, Spicy foods, Sleeping in the shower, Milk candies, Pompompurin, Moomin, Stationary, Vintage toys, Horror films, Flowers, Photos of the sky, Shounen Hollywood, Magical Girl anime


Dislikes: Repeat offenders, Dancing, Hearing someone knock on the door, Talking about themselves, Dogs barking while they're asleep, Heat, Mosquitoes, Being sedated, Confrontation, Strawberries


Hobbies: Hibernation, Giving advice, Screaming, Ripping at skin, Sharing food, Essay writing, Collecting items, Urban Exploration, Speaking from the heart, Language studies, Lighting for film, Nocturnal living, Listening to podcasts

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