i can still make things right!

The extreme parts of his heart, he will show you them all.


Birthday: 4.14


Blood Type: O


Hometown: Houston, Texas, USA


Likes: Shoegaze, Indie, Experimental, Folk, Alt.Idol, Dansei Idol, and Noise music, Spicy foods, Sleeping in the shower, Milk candies, Pompompurin, Moomin, Stationary, Vintage toys, Flowers, Photos of the sky, Shounen Hollywood, Magical Girl anime


Dislikes: Repeat offenders, Dancing, Hearing someone knock on the door, Talking about themselves, Dogs barking while they're asleep, Heat, Mosquitoes, Being sedated, Confrontation, Strawberries


Hobbies: Hibernation, Giving advice, Screaming, Ripping at skin, Sharing food, Essay writing, Collecting items, Urban Exploration, Speaking from the heart, Designing, Lighting for film, Nocturnal living, Listening to podcasts