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Melancholiaah! second E.P.
RELEASE 08.30.2022

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The Diary of Our Years Together Cover Art.png

「The Diary of Our Years Together」

Melancholiaah! First Album
RELEASE 09.30.2021

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mel commission(1)_meitu_4.png

「Puzzle Box」

Melancholiaah! Third Single
RELEASE 12.30.2020

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last paradise cover_meitu_1.png

「Last Paradise」

Melancholiaah! Second Single
RELEASE 07.24.2020

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「世界の終わりで会いましょう。let’s meet at the end of the world.」

Melancholiaah! First EP
RELEASE 10.20.2019

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pale cover.jpg


Melancholiaah! First Single
RELEASE 12.05.2018

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