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Melancholiaah! PHYSICAL SINGLE -「puzzle box」&「last paradise」

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As soon as light comes, we are always met with darkness. However, even in the dark, there's more to life with you by my side. That is what you showed me, after all. Melancholiaah!'s third single release「puzzle box」explores the idea of growing together and making a change in our world in even the darkest, lowest, and most disturbing of times. To still be true to yourself and those around you, to find the ability to grow into yourself when the odds are stacked against you, to make connections with those who want to keep dreams alive, it is a fate that is forever attainable as long as you are ready to take it head on and truly begin. So, let's begin.

<Single contents>
1. puzzle box
2. must we dream at night?
4. last paradise (kamikaze bitch remix)

「puzzle box」comes in a slim jewel case with a 6 page booklet included as well as preorder goods.


As a continuation of “世界の終わりで会いましょう。let’s meet at the end of the

world.”, "last paradise" stands as the beacon of hope when believing all

to be lost. who you are at your core, who you find along the way, the

peace you are able to find if you so chose. With tracks produced by

Kamikaze Bitch, Mondai Society, and Kiraku, with lyrics by

Melancholiaah! and translations by Eliouji, "last paradise" is sure to

ring loudest for those who are seeking for that paradise, whatever that

may mean to them. a paradise to live truly as yourself, to release your

vulnerabilities, to return to the hopes of this world having more to

offer even after the end. Of course it has more to offer, as long as

you're here with me. Together, we will find paradise.

<Single contents>

1. last paradise

2. 夕方side

3. the promise of summer's youth
4. DEAD DECADE (kamikaze bitch remix)

「last paradise」comes in a slim jewel case with a 6 page booklet included as well as preorder goods.

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