today was ok

i made a care package for my friend with food in it because theyve been very depressed recently

he wont come out of his room

i feel bad but there isnt much i can do in situations like this it just takes time

im doing the best i can as a friend though

today i also heard my favorite idol group has a special announcement soon

they havent been doing too well recently and their popularity has been declining

i am nervous it might be a disbanding announcement

i have been a big fan since pre-debut so i am the most nervous foreigner alive currently

i have to wait until february 28 but i can do it

zenhari fighting

(im still very nervous im shaking im going to have 18 panic attacks)

my favorite show is coming on tonight but at 2 in the morning so i have to wait but i already spoiled it for myself with tv leaks online so i know everything that is happening sadly

but i love spoilers so its okay

anyways i posted a video today as well someone posted a comment saying ?? but then deleted it i guess

i wanted to reply with "same" but it was deleted too soon so i couldn't

oh well

im going to stay rolled up in my blanket until february 28

goodbye for today,

melancholiaah for tomorrow