hi there

today was very nice

in the morning i ate some chocolate my friend ian sent me and i enjoyed it a lot!

the package was so caring and i am still happy about it.

i don't have much left though so i am sad about that.

i got to spend time with friends again today

we ordered pizza together and watched some drag race together

i have seen every season at least ten times but i am always happy to rewatch episodes, especially with friends

my friend who has been in his room came out to hang out with us too

it was nice

my friends did a performance art piece tonight at our art showcase and i really loved it.

we all had deep conversations tonight as well

sometimes i get too deep for my own good but i think it shows them who i am on the inside and it brings us closer

that's a good thing, right?

tomorrow we are all going to berlin together for the film festival

i am very excited

i have always wanted to visit germany and the ride together will be fun too.

i am meeting an online friend for the first time when i visit as well, so i am very thrilled to meet her and get to spend time with each other

i will keep you updated with photos from my travels

goodbye for today,

melancholiaah for tomorrow