i have recently returned from berlin which has possibly been one of the worst weeks of my life

my computer is broken

i was mugged and my friends just watched it happen

my friends abandoned me and used my tickets to the film festival, left me stranded without wifi or phone service

oh well

i did meet a long time friend for the first time however and i enjoyed every bit of that

she was so lovely and made my trip worth while, i had such a fun time with her

it is strange how you can meet people from the other half of the world and connect so well

i hope this wont be the only time we see each other because i enjoyed having time with a real friend very much

the friends i have here arent too real, just here because theyre my best options

i did have one friend though who i really connected with and that was there with me on that last day when my friends abandoned me

we got dinner together even though she promised other friends shed eat with them

we saw some on the way back and they asked why she didnt come with and she sternly said "because i wanted to eat with her instead!"

it made me feel really nice

we shopped together a little bit as well

it really meant a lot to me

despite it all, i did make some sweet memories like i had wanted

and i think it made me grow up a little more

i realized

people never really care unless it benefits them as well

which is sad

but it is a truth

a sad truth


here are some photos in chronological order of my trip

i did not take many because i have been shaken up and crying a lot of it

but i did capture some beautiful moments

i hope you enjoyed these moments

goodbye for today,

melancholiaah for tomorrow