today i am facing death

just kidding

but kind of

evidently when i was in germany there was a very bad flu going around

guess who caught it

this is the second time ive had the flu in the last four months

ive had colds and other stomach issues as well during this time

its always so hard, i have a really bad immune system

i have been sleeping for really long times and my skin is red with how hot it is but if i take off my blankets i get goosebumps

i feel very nauseous as well

thats normal though

well to some extent

im nauseous because socializing yuck


i feel really sick and im so miserable its hard to handle it all by myself but im trying my best

my bones crack even if i turn to my other side

maybe im not sick maybe im just getting old

who knows

ive been taking medication all day and binged two different shows and ate two cookies and some cheese balls

it felt good

but i hate having to stay in bed all day because im sick

i like staying in bed because im lazy

but i drew a little bit today in the sketchbook my friend from germany gave me

i am really enjoying having this book

i hope you all have happy health

goodbye for today,

melancholiaah for tomorrow