its been a little while, huh?

ive had a bad week

my favourite idol group is breaking up

i have lots of special memories with them

it is tough because i have seen them in concert a few times and since they are such a small group my experiences with them were very personal and emotional

i will miss them more than anything in the world

but i will stay their number one fan

i got the news on february 28 and i have felt numb since but i am trying my best

i was still sick when i received the news too

i will be seeing them in their final event

if you are interested you can donate to help me get there since it is last notice here

besides that i have been doing lots of drawing recently and have been talking with friends from home very often

i have even been in talks for some new vocal work for people

i hope it works out

i feel a lot of people are interested but then nothing ever happens which is sad

i just like singing, cant you let me sing with you?

maybe it is a lot to ask of someone but i do want to help out

last night i got to take some cute photos as someone wanted some cute new photos

i havent been able to pull myself out of bed and when i do its very hard

yesterday i went to the store and had to sit down for ten minutes two different times because it was too stressful on my heart

it has been very hard

but it gave me a reason to get out of bed and put on some make up

it felt nice but it still couldnt mask my sadness inside

that was very 2007 sounding

but it is true

tonight at school we are having an award ceremony and i do not want to attend but i feel they might have a good dinner tonight because of it

usually they just feed us leaves

so hopefully its not leaves

goodbye for today

melancholiaah for tomorrow