last time i talked about going to an awards show but i did not end up going

instead i planned for some live events i have in june

i hope you can look forward to it

i promise you they will be the best

i hope to add more events onto those as well

i will sing my heart out for all of you!

today we had no class because so many kids at school partied all night long

lucky lucky!

it was lucky for me because i do not party so i got to have a night all by myself and got to sleep late

it snowed very well today which was very nice

back at home i never see snow

so this was fun

i felt like a snow angel

today, i have been spending lots of time planning for my live events as well and have been focusing my time on planning for summer activities

i am very excited

i have been away for so long and it has been hard but

i think it has lit a new fire under me

i hope you can all support the new me that is lit on fire.

i also did a little sketch that is me today

perhaps i will use it for merchandise things?

a button might be cute...

who knows

i just wanted to draw a cute me

ah today i accomplished something!

i drank three gallons of apple juice

i felt i achieved something

anyways thats all for now

goodbye for today

melancholia for tomorrow