hello there

how is everyone today?

i hope you are well

i have been very busy lately but in the good way

i recently recorded an entry for something titled the "overseas idol competition"

i don't consider myself an idol really just someone who likes to sing and perform live and if green cyalume are added in that is appreciated but not necessary

but i really enjoy how it turned out

i took photos on set to post but i deleted almost everything i had on my photo device to make room for an app that ended up just crashing every time to a certain point

so i lost them

but heres a cool photo of me anyways

and here is my entry.

i hope you enjoy

i had fun making it and that is all that matters but receiving the editing softwares would be nice as well

but i didn't follow the rules too well so i doubt it heheh

but thats okay because i still had fun

anyways recently i made some fun products to sell at live events over the summer

i will be having mystery cheki packs, some with a weird url in it and a special prize, button sets, and keychains

i think i want to do cheki on site as well but it depends on the event i believe

perhaps i will do more as well

we will see

my buttons arrived yesterday however and i am happy with how they look

i can't wait to go home and package everything nicely

i still have two months before i can truly return

however when i do return


it will be fun, won't it?

goodbye for today

melancholiaah for tomorrow