its me


are you feeling any melancholy today

i hope you are well

this past week i decided to enter the miss id competition

what it is is kind of a competition for non-normal girls in japan to become some sort of idolized figure whether it be an idol or cosplayer or artist or anything of the sort

as long as you have some sort of charm

ive seen it happen the past few years and have been a close follower of the competition.

i decided to enter this year on the premise of them including "#metoo" and talking about how important women empowerment is right now in their description of the competition.

i don't think anything will come of it but if it does that will be fun

i feel i was my most authentic self in the question and answers

if anything, the forum was fun to fill out

i think the competition is extremely important

idol culture has really made it to have only one type of girl in the world and thats a little scary, right?

this competition brings the weirdos out to show everyone there are more weirdos in the world than you think and they want to be loved just as everyone else

they come with different stories that people don't publicly talk about and its important we hear those stories to make ourselves more open as a generation

thats why i felt the questions were so nice, they allowed me to be my complete self and i wasn't scared of what someone would say because i felt good being myself and knew the things i had to say might resonate with someone somewhere

you shouldn't withhold yourself just because you think someone might not like it

scream until they know who you are

i don't consider myself an idol, just a vocalist, but you know what i mean

i enjoy singing and like taking pictures of myself so entering just seemed fitting for me.

i also put out a new video

it is a vocal cover of maison book girl's song "snow irony".

maison book girl is one of my favourite idol groups, i am constantly drawn to everything they do.

also, i would love to go to a cafe with rin wada.

anyways, that is all i have to say for now

goodbye for today

melancholiaah for tomorrow