it has been another while

i am sorry

i will try harder soon

i feel time is passing very quickly in april

lets catch up, okay?

on april 14th, it was my 20th birthday

i have officially lived for two whole decades

it's weird and funny to think of it that way, don't you think

only that day i received news that my cat at home had passed away

so i was pretty sad

i had to work all day on things as well, which was sad

but i like working hard and focusing on things so it wasn't too bad.

when night decided to shine, some friends wanted to have a movie night

a night where i could pick out whatever movie i wanted to watch

we were supposed to meet at seven o'clock

they didn't show up until about nine o'clock

i took photos of myself while waiting because i even put on make up to hang out with them

i mean i didn't put on a lot but i did a little bit and right now, a little bit is a lot for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i felt very upset because i could have kept working

i wasn't upset about spending my birthday alone, but i started becoming upset because i was being stood up.

i wish they would have left me alone the whole day instead of giving me false hope.

in the end, i tried to make the best of it albeit the situation

i made them watch perfect blue, one of my favorite films

they were very confused and it made me feel good

i love when people are confused about perfect blue

since then, i have just been very busy.

i have received good news and bad.

i cannot talk about the good news yet, but i will let you know all about it, don't worry, okay?

but i found out someone had got access to my card and had been using it in germany

damn germany back at it again with the robbing me

i managed to get my money off of it though so i thankfully figured that out

it really threw me off though

i haven't been doing too well so having that happen seemed like the cherry on top

at school we have teams led by different teachers, each team has about 15 students

today my team had a pizza party

the weather has been very nice too so i got to wear shorts and a breezy shirt


it is weird

i am leaving this school in 10 days and for some reason


10 days from my departure

is the first time people from my team and my team leader have tried to make conversation with me and get to know me

isn't that funny?

10 days and they want to start now

i feel they are trying to be nice, but it seems like a bit of a waste of time, doesn't it?

maybe they feel bad and regret some things

i wouldn't blame them.

regardless, i got free pizza and it was very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love pizza

i got a pepperoni pizza and it came with red onions on it

i love red onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was a nice surprise

i still left early because everyone here gets drunk all the time and i didn't want to deal with a bunch of drunk kids

but sitting outside was nice for a while

the outdoors is the most beautiful when it has a soft wind

oh, today, treat yourself and listen to some kindan no tasuketsu

that's it.

goodbye for today

melancholiaah for tomorrow