hello hello hello

man its been a whole month

im really bad at this stuff recently

anyway i have finally returned from hellmark

i did make some nice friends but overall it was a 24/7 panic attack

which is honestly me everyday so i dont know why im complaining

anyway what im trying to say is it could have been better

but its ok because i am home now

i still havent unpacked my bags either


i have been very busy and am hardly home so i dont have time to take care of myself right now

which is bad and we should all make time for that

but its how it goes

soon a-kon is coming up and i will be working in the maid cafe all weekend minus saturday night

during the convention, i will be having two live performances

both have a pre-recorded MC that tell a story in a way

well, more like tell a feeling.

thursday night's event will have a charge to get in, but it is a charity event and is donated to sexual abuse victims so please still come

saturday night's event i will be second in the lineup and there will be a meet and greet after the event is over so please come say hello to me (i am very lonely)

although i am working lots, not only on my performances, but lots of other things

ive been trying to find time to read through these, which my mother gifted to me a couple days ago

perfect blue is one of my favorite things in the whole world so i am very excited to read both of the film's original content and compare

i really love rumi in the novel, might i add

i am almost done with complete metamorphosis though so i am pretty sad its almost already over

i filmed this a while back but have had to edit it in chunks

it is one of the songs i will be performing at texas idol festival

i posted it to promo the events

im putting all my heart into these events so please come see them

goodbye for today

melancholiaah for tomorrow