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Wow, it's been a while!

The last time I blogged on here was 2018, but the feelings behind everything were so sad and almost spiteful. I've changed a lot as a person and am trying to enjoy things more casually and authentically. I suppose I'm trying to breathe a bit easier in more recent times if that makes any sense.

I don't have much SMS anymore and because of this, it's a bit hard to express myself more so! I find myself keeping all thoughts to myself and while I have a plethora of journals I could take to, I like this type of format for the ease. I've become quite a recluse in the past few years, so I think it would be healthy for me to not be as hidden away. Besides, I would like more than anything to connect with people more than I have in the past two years, so returning to blogging seems only natural! I hope that it is okay and we can have a good time together for as long as we can.

This week has been stressful but I've been trying to have some fun regardless! Over the past two years, I've developed some heart issues and went through some major pains the start of this week. I had to cancel some plans because of it and it was really painful, but I took to watching some craft videos to rest up and it kept my spirits high! There is a stationary store I really like to visit and was able to get some letter sets and stickers! I collect letter sets and enjoy sending stickers to friends when I do write, so I like to have a collection to grab from when I get motivated to send out letters each month! Most of the stationary is imported from all over the world, so there are some really beautiful things to find there. It is a really special shop and although it's a bit of a drive, I really like to visit each new season to see what is new. They have the Hobonichi planners as well and I hear good remarks on those so often, I've been considering getting one for next year! However, I recently got a bunch of Moomin themed stationary from Korea and happened upon this really cute Moominpapa design, so I want to use this to the fullest. Perhaps 2022 won't be my year for Hobonichi, but one day!

A small thing I don't mention much is that I am a digital artist as well! I don't talk about it a lot as I feel I have a long way to go in terms of skill, but I enjoy doing it and I suppose that is what matters the most, right? I am currently working on a handful of larger commissions, a dakimakura design as well as three full body v-tuber models! They take a lot of attention but I find they are really fun! I haven't been able to do my smaller commissions as much because of this though and I certainly miss doing smaller things at the moment. It's always nice to sit down and be able to finish something up in just a few hours time, but with larger things like dakimakura designs and models on such large canvases needing so much detail, it's been more of a challenge! I'll keep working hard though. I tend to get bad migraines when I work so hard though and a more recent discovery-

Glasses! I have always wanted them since I was a kid. I remember my sister had to get glasses when she was younger and I tagged along. I threw a fit in the store because I wanted glasses so badly even though I didn't need them at the time, isn't that silly? I'm sure people who wear glasses think it's bonkers that someone would want them so badly. Since I got them earlier this week, I have really been able to tell that my vision isn't nearly as good as I thought it was, even taking the exam I felt kind of embarrassed. It was a "no way!" type of moment for sure! I have two different pairs, so I can accessorize a bit more freely this way~

The weather recently has finally been letting up in Texas, so I have been doing a lot of sitting outside and enjoying it! When I work out, I like to open up the windows and let the breeze come in. Of course, the sun beating down as hard as it does makes it a bit hotter than I'd like still, but it's okay! I know autumn has only just begun so I should be more considerate haha! We have a few different fruit trees we grow and while sitting outside, I noticed how large the persimmons have grown to be! It won't be long before harvest time, so I'm looking forward to it. Most of our trees didn't have very good years because of how strange Texas' weather has been recently, so I was really happy to see these fruits hanging on! I've never had persimmons before. I'm looking forward to trying them out soon!

This is all for now, but we will see each other soon! Let me know how things have been going for you as well~

TODAY'S SONG | ikitsugi by sleepy.ab Goodbye for today,




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